SyncPad Status Updates

Here you'll find what you need to know on the current status of SyncPad.

We'll also post Release Notes here so you can see what has changed within each update we release.

SyncPad Version 1 to retire in:

Goodbye old friend, it's been a trip. So sad to see you go.
Onwards and upwards! Here's to a new chapter.

Latest Releases

2.12  - Fixed issues related to illegal characters in login.

Newly designed upload experience.

Fixed issue with crashing when app doesn't have camera permission.

Fixed stability issues with IOS 9.

2.1  - Added support for IOS version 9.1+

Alerts the user if there is a new version of the app available when they login.

2.0.8 - Resolved a printing issue with dark boxes appearing in some pdfs.

2.0.4 - Issue fixed with SSN not transferring correctly.

Issue fixed with app crashing when camera permission not allowed.

2.0.3 - Update to resolve duplicate chart issue when network connectivity is unstable.

2.0.1 - General Performance enhancements.

Understanding New Software Releases

It's not just us that releases updates to fix bugs, look at how many update notifications you get on your smart phone these days. These are either for new features or reported bug fixes. Like any new or developing software, there's always a flurry of updates soon after the initial release. This is not because the developers haven't done a good job, it's because the software is now in the open world & is being more heavily used than it was in the testing stage.

It's just the way it is. People are individuals & they use software in individual ways. Not even the likes of Apple or Microsoft get it right the first time. Just remember, these updates are a good thing. Embrace them. Change is good!

Getting to Know SyncPad v2

With change comes...

Great responsibility? No that's not it. New opportunities? Might be. Another learning curve. That's the one. I might have made that up but you get my point. Some people think that they have to learn a whole new routine & remember a whole new way of doing things they were quite happy doing previously. Well hopefully you'll soon find that SyncPad works the same way it used to, it just looks different. Sure there are a few extra buttons, or buttons that used to be there have been replaced, the color is a trendy dark now, there's some new features, but you'll soon get used to it. It's like seeing your Grandma you haven't seen in decades, it can scare you a little bit, but you soon come to find she's still just as sweet as she used to be (maybe with a few more chin hairs).

Here's a handy guide to assist you in your transition.

Why Fix Something That Isn't Broken? - We Do It All For You!

Depends on what you call 'broken'. SyncPad has been around since 2013 & in that time hasn't had any major face-lifts or any life breathed into it. Sure, it's done what it's supposed to have done, but with technology moving so fast these days, you cannot afford to stand still for too long, otherwise you'll get overtaken & left behind. So for that reason alone, we've redesigned & redeveloped the app to not only look more modern, but have the engine that runs underneath souped up.

It’s a pretty tall order to update software, & it's something we didn't take lightly, but we have actually built an entire new app with entire new technology. Code that worked 5 years ago is antiquated today & needs to be replaced.

Some people hate change. It's human nature. We get that. As soon as you get used to procedures, some upstart decides to change everything & you have to start learning all over again. We honestly didn't do this to upset anyone & we hope you all find the minor pain of transitioning to v2 well worth the effort.