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The smartest and most flexible way to capture patient information for electronic patient charting. Simple. Fast. Secure.

Faster Data Collection

SyncPad is the easiest way to collect patient data even if you're offline.

Saves Time & Money

Capture data quickly & upload immediately for speedier billing.

Save Time andMoney

Increase Productivity

Save time and money by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry systems and practices. SyncPad provides you with a solution to complete a digitized form of any type and upload the captured information straight into your back office system.

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SyncPad is a developed technology to re-create customer documentation forms on the iPad or iPad mini. Each form has a layout with specific fields for EMS agencies to document their assessments and procedures. These fields directly connect to the agency's emsCharts configuration, defaults, and medical industry standards.

All procedures and medications are mapped to allow a fast, easy way to document in the field without interrupting patient care. An unlimited number of forms - such as patient assessment, refusal, billing, or narcotic waste, for example - can be used on a single EMS incident.

Data mapping to your back office system maintains the quality of information collected.

Almost no training required. If you can use an iPad, you can use SyncPad.

Going paperless is now an option. Digitize all your forms & save some trees.

Attach a Variety of Forms or Just Get a Signature

Multitude of Forms
Minimal Information
Captured Signature

Simple andIntuitive

Here are just a few of the benefits of using SyncPad:

  • Legibility
  • Paperless
  • Familiarity
  • Data Integrity
  • Works Offline


Try SyncPad for yourself & see how it will benefit your service.
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